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India is a home to almost 15 crore elderly. The need of these elderly and their families varies based on number of factors. Due to changing economics and work dynamics in India families have been shrinking in sizes from Joint family to nuclear family. Nuclearisation of family units affects the elderly of the house. Due to restricted mobility and other physical as well as psychological issues, sustaining one self is always tough.

We at KADJI aim to cater various need of elderly in our country. From Non medical to fully Medical set ups. From independent unit to complete nursing care and rehabilitation unit, KADJI is strongly working towards developing various arena for seniors.

I would like to welcome family members and guardians of our seniors to visit us, meet our warm and welcoming team members and interact our service users who are taking benefits of our various services. I am sure, you will certainly feel KADJI as the best home where you can trust us and place your elderly in our safe hands.

In case you would like to share your thoughts to me, please feel free to write at "" - I will ensure, you will hear back from me.

Kadji The Care

DR.NIKUNJ CHADVA (PT) Founder & Director Kadji Care and Rehabs Pvt.Ltd

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