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With choices of range of activity for our residents/patients everyday, we are helped by many volunteers coming in daily and occasionally. If you are blessed with special skills and exceptional communication power, you may utilise them to get our seniors into active mode.



Social enterprises like us need an expert in certain areas. Your skills acquired during your life time can be utilised for the welfare of the people and uplifting organisation to the next level. Although, there is no well defined position, it will remain solely on the expertise of an application after brief discussion with candidate.


KADJI’S Recreation and education department organises many functions and seminars for both our employees and service users. Your expertise in either of community is welcomed to be presented. Feel free to write us if that is the case. Same way, Our experts are welcomed to be invited at your group/company or organisation to bring more awareness on the subject of Gertiatric care and subject of parenting the parents.

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