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  • Kadji is the House of Celebrations.
    We never lose an opportunity to celebrate and we have so many reasons to do so.
  • We have around 45 residents backed up with caretakers and staff of nearly 30. That gives us 75 Birthdays to celebrate. Which means every week we have at least one Birthday to celebrate.
  • Birthday is the symbol of life. The day we came into existence and hence it is very special and deserves to be celebrated in a special day. We try to make it very special and a day to remember. A week before we discuss with the "Birthday Boy" or "Birthday Girl" the manner they want to celebrate the special day. Everyone is welcome to perform during the celebration. We have discovered so many hidden artists.

    Of course birthday cake, decoration and the music is a must.
  • India is a land of festivals.
    And at Kadji it is impossible to find a festival which we do not celebrate.
  • Navratri is the most favourite festival for Gujarat. The beauty of the festival is that even those who may not be actually dancing physically participate fully as their heart beats with the Garba Rhythm. All residents take part in this festival remembering their old dancing days and they do not fail to attempt at least few dance steps.
  • Lord Ganesha visits us for all the 10 days. The place where Ganeshji is installed is beautifully decorated by all. The atmosphere during those 11 days is pious and pure. Everyone takes part in the Aarti and each day we have visitors who come to participate in our Aarti. Of course all wait for the delicious Prasad.
  • Diwali is not a one day affair at Kadji. The festivities start right from Dussehra when we burn the effigy of Ravan. The Ravan's effigy is made by all together in Kadji. And the days before Diwali we start having various activities like making Rangolis, and decorating the Kadji for Diwali.
  • Makarshakranti brings out the long lost child in the elderly. The young caretakers help the elders to relive the days of their youth when each of them might have flown hundreds of kites. Even those who are on wheelchair participate with equal enthusiasm.
  • Gudi Padva is our own New year day and is celebrated in traditional way. The elders tell their own stories of how they used celebrate gudi padva in their villages long time back which adds to the flavour of the festival.
  • Holi is the festival of colour. Of course we are very careful of not exposing the residents to the polluting colours but we ensure that they do not miss any of the excitement. Starting from Holika fire one day earlier they participate in the holi in a very subtle form.
  • Although children from different schools visit Kadji quite frequently but 14th November is a special day since it is children's day. It is a great sight when you see the way they mingle with the elders. We are sure that some of the elders must be feeling younger after such get togethers.
  • Raksha Bandhan at Kadji is the day when caretakers take oath to protect and help the residents and make them feel secure and at home...their own home.
  • And please do not think that anyone is old at heart at Kadji, we also celebrate Valentine Day.
  • Well after being busy for so many days we are still left with days when we have other recreation programs and activities. We have large variety to chose from, like carrom, ludo and some show their acting skills by staging short dramas or even mimicry. Some of the games are even designed to improve the motor skills or improve memory or analytical abilities. Mental physiotherapy is as important as physical physiotherapy.

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