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India is one of the few countries which has the fastest growing population in the world along with many other developing countries but in the recent years, this scenario has changed. With an increasing literacy rate and exposure to the outside world, people are now aware of the benefits of having a small family. It has led to drop in the birth rate among many sections of the educated classes. Access to better healthcare has also increased the life expectancy. The demographic trend which was seen in developed countries is gradually being seen in the developing countries like India. The ageing population is fast increasing with the drop in fertility and mortality rate. In the developing countries, especially India, this demographic dividend will show up visibly in the next few decades. According to a statistical report, it is going to reach 20 crores by 2030.

With the growth in the ageing population, comes many challenges, as the ageing population is dependent on others for their daily needs and maintenance. According to a survey, about 60 percent of the elders depend on others for their day-to-day maintenance. This is very challenging as globalization has influenced India in a huge way. The lifestyle, economy and employment factors of the youth population hinders in taking full attention and care of the elderly people. Many times it has become a matter of need than a choice that elderly people have to stay at old age home.

We, at Kadji Care, make this requirement a choice for the elderly people who can visit our place and find "HOME AWAY FROM HOME" to stay for lifelong. This residency is made for them, by analyzing all their social, emotional and health needs.

We want to make the world a better place to live so that people's trust on humanity sustains and the future generation also becomes aware of the social cause which is needed to be taken care of, by them. The entrepreneurship bug which has hit India in the recent years is a big motivating factor for us, as many new young entrepreneurs have approached us for the franchise, which we welcome with an open heart.

One can reach me if they are interested in the franchise at "". I will ensure, you will hear back from me.

Kadji The Care

DR.NIKUNJ CHAVDA (PT) Founder & Director Kadji Care and Rehabs Pvt.Ltd

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