Home vs Kadji Life


Although there is no replacement for a home but for an elderly person, where he feels socially and emotionally connected, he likes to stay there. "Kadji" is one of those places where one feels completely connected and comfortable.

At home, the circle of friends is different for them and the youth, due to the generation gap. They are unable to intermingle with the people who do not have the same mindset and physical stamina. At Kadji, there is a huge support of the people from the same age group who can understand the journey and process each one is going through, which helps them to socially mingle with each other.

We want our residents to enjoy the ageing process and do not feel burdened of being not able to do their daily activities with the same vigor which they used to do before. So along with attendants who help them with their daily activities, there is a process in which they are taught to do their daily routine in small numbers everyday. This is taught by our professionals who are well versed with all the techniques to help old aged people. This is one of the biggest advantages which our daily care provides and which is not available at home.

Most of the residents feel isolated as they need someone by their side to talk every time, which is not available at home in metro cities, due to the busy schedule of the members. At Kadji whenever they feel the need to talk to anybody, their peer members are available.

There is a regular checkup facility for all the residents as per their health ailments. In case of emergency assistance, we have tie-ups with hospitals who are ready for all the services to be given to the patient. We maintain a detailed health report of all the residents. With the professional network of Kadji Care, we are able to provide emergency assistance, which is a big positive factor when compared to other home cares.

It is scientifically proven that when a person eats the food with a happy mind and a happy heart, he remains healthy. At home in metro cities, all the members have a different schedule, this does not allow them to dine together. But at Kadji all the residents can happily dine together.

The scenic beauty of natural plants and trees around Kadji, refreshes the minds of the residents in their morning and evening walks with their friends. Getting this experience would be difficult in the metro cities today.

For so many of the issues older adults face while living at home, a senior living community offers a positive alternative. Consider them side by side and see how senior living could be the wise choice for your family.

  Home Senior Living
Social Life Isolation from friends; inability to participate in activities with others The warm company of peers; abundant cultural, social, educational and entertainment opportunities every day
Transportation Reliance on others’ availability to get to and from appointments and events Scheduled car or bus service always available for appointments and outings
Dining Eating alone; prepackaged meals; difficulty following special dietary guidelines Dining with neighbors; table service; freshly prepared cuisine; accommodations for many special diets
Housekeeping Greater difficulty with household chores and maintenance Housekeeping, linen service and maintenance provided by professional staff
Emergency Assistance Anxiety over whether help will be available immediately An emergency alert system in each apartment; a 24-hour staff ready to assist
Exercise Limited or no access to adequate exercise programs and equipment Daily fitness opportunities available to help increase mobility, strength and overall wellness
Independence Greater dependence on others for assistance with daily tasks; feeling like a “bother” Appropriate, discreet support provided by a caring staff, which leads to greater independence

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