Advisory Board

  • Kadji CareAvadhoot Sumanth   A senior Advocate, Vadodara: Supports the activities of kadji and helps in legal advises.
  • Kadji CareMr.Srvinivasan   Ret. VP, Marketing, Dinesh Mill. An experienced human being from a huge experience in Marketing
  • Kadji CareMr.Mukherjee   Ret. Executive IPCL., He guides and supports kadji at various fronts and it is priviledge to have him on our advisory board.
  • Kadji CareMr.Dipak Dadlani   Consultant. He is the saviour for organisation in almost all the areas of functioning. His expert views are of utmost importance.
  • Kadji CareDr.Bhupat Desai   Neursurgeon, USA. Based in California, he shows utter interest and loves to see the progress of the institution.
  • Kadji CareDr.Bhaskar Vyas   StemCell  Sp., Plastic Surgeon. Supports in various rehabilitatin protocols and patient assistance.
  • Kadji CareMinoo Hirode   Priniciple, Social Activist. She is the most active on the board and visits the center every week to take care and overview the recreation of residenes.
  • Kadji CareShri.Dinesh Khedkar   Chartered Accountant. Maintaing and improving fiances is what he is best with and loves to do.
  • Kadji CareDr.Gaurav D Mehta   Chancellor, Sumandeep Univesity. His presence brings lots of positivity among residence and helps managment in improving standards of care.

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