Activities & Being Social

According to a study when ageing starts, a higher level of social interaction is needed. One should be active and keep as much social interaction for the emotional and mental well being. Increased social activity levels in individuals have a good impact on one's health as it maintains the cognitive health. Many residents without dementia at baseline were measured on their social activity levels, and it was found that the rate of cognitive decline was 70 percent less in people who were more socially active. Elderly people feel more connected to the world and have a positive aspect towards life when they interact more often with people on different levels.

We have different programs in which they can interact socially with their peer groups and also people from outside the residency. To our surprise, even the elderly people who were introverts in their youth have opened up socially and have started enjoying their later part of life at our residency. We encourage our residents to provide suggestions for the upcoming events so that we can make it more memorable and enjoyable for them. This forces them to participate on a complete level and come out of their imaginary shell, to interact more often with us and the other members of the residency.

Cultural activities are organized so that they can participate and enjoy themselves. During participation, they learn from each other and also learn some aspects of their hidden talent which they never knew before. These joyful moments are to be cherished with each other so that they feel more lively and see the world at a different level.

Many festivals have been organized such as Diwali, the festival of lights. This is one of the biggest festivals in India and at our place, we all decorate the place with different lights. It brings lots of happy memories and smiles on the members face, as they feel they are enjoying the festival with the same enthusiasm as they used to do many years before.

Each and every person's birthday is celebrated so that they feel that with each passing birthday, they are not getting old but enjoying the worldly life with their fellow being as they used to enjoy during childhood.

Holi, the festival of colours brings lots of colours in the life of all the Kadji residents. They enjoy the festival, by putting different colours on other residency members but we also ensure not to use excessive harmful colours.

Navratri is celebrated with all the members taking part in Garba dance, even if they are not able to dance they watch other members enjoy, seeing other's smiling faces also bring a smile on their faces. Makarshakranti is a hot favorite among male Kadji residents, they recall their childhood memories by flying kites and enjoying with their newly found friends at our residency.

Along with other festival and events, we at Kadji, also organize Valentine's day which nobody would ever think. This is to spice up their stagnant life so that they can feel youthful and joyful again. Feeling youthful is also one of the factors, for a healthy and longer lifespan.

There are lots of indoor games to entertain them like ludo, carrom and chess which helps in improving memory and analytical abilities. Many games are also designed specifically to improve these abilities. Drama shows are organized so that the members can show their acting skills by emoting themselves. Some of the Kadji members who do not display emotions easily, show up their emotions in acting which relaxes their mind.

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